Our standard size Photo-Block, and the one which provides best value for your money, is 140mm by 140mm, and 9mm thick.
We also currently do A4 and A3 size photo-blocks.


  6 Photo-Blocks: R340
9 Photo-Blocks: R465

16 Photo-Blocks: R695
32 Photo-Blocks: R1295
50 Photo-Blocks: R1695

Above prices all for 140mm by 140mm blocks

View sample pics below
large = 300mm x 200mm / small = 140mm x 140mm 


Ideally, images should be at least 250Kb in file size. However, we're pretty good at working some magic in Photoshop, and will enhance and edit your photos if required - no extra cost. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure your photos are optimised!  


We recommend using press-stick. Use a good amount of press-stick, and because the photo blocks are very light, you don't need to press too hard and can avoid damaging your wall.
The big advantage over double-sided tape is that you can easily move your blocks around should you wish to change the display, move it somewhere else or add more photo blocks.


Photo Blocks South Africa. Cool Facebook / Instagram-style photos on wood, on your wall! Affordable and easy to install!

We're big on Customer Service, and are happy to edit and retouch your photos if needed.
We've all got 100's or 1000's of photos on our phones or computers. Some go on Facebook or Instagram and are then often soon forgotten about. Photo Blocks are a wonderful way to ensure your memories are up for you and everyone else to see. Photo Blocks can be used in a wide range of fun and exciting ways. Use them to display your wedding, family, kids, pets or vacation pics. Or get creative - photo blocks are a great way to exhibit children's art. Create a photo wall or use photo blocks to fill awkward spaces. We can also customise your photo blocks by adding text or graphics. Advantages include: Lightweight, easy to install. Affordable and customisable personal touch as a present - photo blocks work perfectly as a birthday or Christmas gift, or for an occasion such as Valentines Day. photos family memories pictures photo blocks wood print customer service cape town south africa